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Gabriela Abud

Gabriela Abud-Zipolite Beach-watercolor-35x53-2019-México ++++.JPG


​Name: Gabriela Abud

Country: Mexico


Medium: watercolor

Size: 35x53 cm,

Year: 2019



Review by art critic James O’Connon

“Gabriela Abud’s painting “Zipolite Beach” creates a sense of lightness that can be felt while looking at a woman’s body. The color palette creates a sense of fluidity, as does the shape of a woman’s body. A woman’s body seems to be hanging in the air without any restrictions. Circumstances surrounding the body—the legal nudist beach that flourished during the hippie culture—even emphasize such perception. After the AIDS epidemic, this was lost. Nudity becomes taboo, intimate, closed, limited, and cautious. Therefore, nostalgia in this picture causes a feeling of light movement, which we may not feel in the near future…

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