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Jonathan Kabeya



Review by art critic James O’Connon

Jonathan Kabeya in his painting “Pollution of the Face Mask” reflects the most relevant issues of the past three years; it is the pandemic, radical people’s change, and factors that cannot be stopped; all you can do is face up to it. The painting reflects a desire to live here and now and to stay human. It does not reflect the fear that floods everything. The painting style shows an expressive and intense experience of the situation in 2019-2020 when everything was mixed: nature, society, everyday life. Although our relationships were broken, we were still trying to be people who seek symbolic order.

3-Polution of the face Mask_2021 (3) ++++.jpg

“Polution of the face Mask”


​Name: Gabriela Abud

Country: Mexico

Title: “Polution of the face Mask”

Medium: Mixed media (Burnt sugar, pens ink/ Bristol paper)

Size: 100,5x99 cm,

Year: 2021


Painting's Art is a great passion for me, a madness,my whole life.

I have always drawn and it gives me a lot of pleasure.

As a very sensitive person, to create emotions through my art works (paintings)are my motivation.

I paint as it sings to me or comes to my mind cause I first find peace and joy in it.



My painting's style is revolutionary and unique, by the creativity's mixture and imagination, fruit of my spirit and personal research experience in my Art Studio but also by my creative polychromic technique which I baptized it under the name: "Stylosukarïsm",using burnt sugar, plastic glue, color pens ink,cotton swab, painting knives and corrector anchor on the Bristol (Manila) paper support,and Canvas which gives a stint as a background a coffee color.

In my painting,coffee is my favorite color and goes everywhere in each background of it,and can also be austere with the positive meaning notably: Neutrality, warmth, softness and negatively speaking symbol

of gloom, dirt, mediocrity.

I'm also very focus on the respect of anatomical of human body through my hypnotic and futuristic characters, arousing my curiosity with a favorable look at themes resorting to new trends in penitential daily life of the vulnerabilities experienced by African people, econo-politic's speaking.


I participated in many local groups Exhibitions in my country, and it's was on December 05th-12. 2021 that I realized my first international art solo Exhibition's project in Zambia (Lusaka)at Art Twice Gallery under the theme:"Behind the Mask😷".



Through my Art,I dream an African Contemporary Art which won't longer be “denigrated” everywhere in the world

but more specifically in African society and for us to get there, the African artists will have to stop practicing art to please others cause

African art is inspired by its culture and traditions to meet market demand and tell its history.

To be the voive of voiceless that's are my motivation as an expression through my art works.

Painting's Meaning


Behind face mask because it is our new way of life, characterized by wearing of face mask something that is not easy for us..

Our current life is in a fight because the health crisis continues more to upset our daily rites of interaction.


Life is a fight, a hand-to-hand fight where there are no forbidden holds, a minefield.

You don't advance there as in conquered territory.

We cannot escape the struggle of life but can fight or suffer it.

Refusing to think about it or face your problems won't make them go away.

Each step of life has its problems to solve, its enemies to fight, its dangers to overcome.

What's the impact of the COVID-19 on human behavior and the environment especially on the management of facemasks?


While masking up has been recognized as an important intervention in the prevention and control of COVID-19, sadly it has come with some challenges including environmental pollution.


We have all observed or even contributed to the improper disposal of surgical and other disposable face masks. As the wearing of face masks has become a requirement in our country many poorly dispose of them as they are simply thrown away anywhere and everywhere. The masks have become a new pollutant on our streets and in our communities.



Instagram:Joart L'eau Kabeya

Facebook:Joart L'eau Kabeya

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