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Dr. Mahima Gupta

Dr. Mahima Gupta-USA-Mysterious Undersea-Mixed Media-2020 +++.jpg

Mysterious Undersea

Name: Dr. Mahima Gupta  
Country: USA
Title: Mysterious Undersea
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 28x22
Year: 2021

Dr. Mahima Gupta (USA)

Ph.D., M.A., B.F.A.

Guinness World Record Holder


Dr. Mahima Gupta, a Guinness World Record Holder, High Range Book of World Records Holder, Extraordinaire World Record Holder, Marvelous Book of Records Holder, India Records Holder, a freelance artist, curator, motivator, Teacher and a full time mom, is originally from India, now based in Florida, USA for almost 2 decades. She has a Ph.D. in Drawing & Painting from University of Rajasthan. Jaipur, India. Her topic for Dissertation was, “Leisure in the Arts through the Ages: A comparative study of the themes on Leisure in Indian and European Painting with special reference to 16-19th century” (2006). She did her M.A. in Drawing & Painting, where she was the University Topper and Gold Medalist, with First Division & First Position (1997-1999). She also holds a degree in B.F.A. (Painting)

, from Rajasthan School of Arts, Jaipur, India (1993-1997). Mahima was a proud recipient of the prestigious University Grants Commission of India (UGC) Junior & Senior Fellowship for Doctoral work (2000-2005). She was also awarded the Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi Student Scholarship (1998-1999). Mahima was awarded at the 10th Kala Mela organized by the Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur, India (2002). Also awarded at the All India Exhibition of Arts, by Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar, India (2001). Mahima is a proud recipient of the Bhoor Singh Shekhawat Memorial Padamshree Kripal Singh Shekhawat Award (1998).

She was also awarded by the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad’s appreciation award (1999). Dr. Mahima’s article on, “Mapping Leisure Across Borders Through the Art in Painting”, was published in the book, ‘Mapping Leisure Across Borders, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK (2013). She was invited presentation of the paper at the xvii World Congress of Sociology of the International Sociological association, Gothenberg, Sweden, (July 10-17, 2010). She also participated in Indian Sociological Society’s xxviii All India Sociological Conference, Main Theme ‘Globalization and the Indian Society’, held at IIT Kanpur, India (Dec 18-20, 2002), and presented her paper entitled, ‘Leisure in the Arts: A Socio Aesthetic Analysis of the themes on Leisure in Painting’. Mahima also participated in the WLRA World Congress on the theme ‘Leisure, Tourism and Environment: Issues for Human Development’ organized by World Leisure and Recreation Association in collaboration with Indian Leisure Studies Association and UNESCO at Jaipur, India (1993). Her fiber glass installation “Azure Delight” was displayed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-USA, for over a year & was sponsored by the PNC bank for the Kite Fest (2006). She recently had a solo virtual art exhibition, Joy Story, ‘Splashes of happiness’, New Delhi, India (2021). Artraaga, India another online solo show, Euphoria. Her paintings have been printed on the covers of several national and international books and magazines, prominent among these are L’Archive des Origins (2008), France and new books catalogue, Transaction Publishers (1962-2003), Rutgers University, NJ, USA, “Human Values & Social Change”, (2000) Rawat publications Jaipur, India. Mahima has participated in many art exhibitions in more than 45 countries, to name some, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Iran, Jordan, Kosovo, Korea, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Palestine, Panama, Paris, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Slovakia, Syria, Thailand, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, UK, Uruguay, USA & Venezuela. Her private collections are in India, Canada, Egypt France, Jordan, Peru, Mexico, Turkey, USA, and The Netherlands. She has worked in many different art styles/mediums.

Mahima is a nature lover and loves traveling, dancing and is fascinated by the Primitive and Folk/Tribal art of India.

Mahima’s art works have been published widely in many international books magazines, to name a few, Arthole- Issue 7 & 8 (UK), Revista Coup (Mexico), Revista Escafandra, Mexico, Revista Rito (3 times) Mexico, Periodico Poetico: Issue 17, South East Asian Artists Magazine Vol 2 Issue No 5 (Phillipines), Contemporanea Un Rosso (Italy), 21 Expressions magazine- Faculty of Fine Art ASWAR (Malaysia), Creativity Unquarantined-By Speaking Art Foundation (India), Revista Doblevoz.

Winner of the Jury’s Choice award at the Architecture through the Public Lens, organized by the Raiza Architecture, University of the Creative Arts, Great Britain, UK, 2021.

Mahima was awarded as one of the Most Influential Women’s Award 2021, by the Writers Capital Foundation.

Award of Excellence at the 2nd International Biennale of Text Art “Postmodern Speeches” (January 2022) organized by IAVPOA, Lithuania, 2022.

Jury at the Online Global Art Competition Shakti, Organized by Speaking Art Foundation India, 2022.

President award by the International Award Art Group, Australia, 2021.

Judge at the International Women's day, Women 2, 2nd International Online Miniature Women Art Contest, Bangladesh, 2022.

Mahima was awarded the WORLD COMPETITION WINNER – MOVEMENT- ART FESTIVAL "DIAMOND DUKE - DIAMOND CROWN", in the Nomination Painting, organization of Inter-Art Projects, Odessa, Ukraine, 2021.


Winner 1st place at the 2nd International Biennale of Text Art, “Postmodern Speeches” (January 2022) organized by IAVPOA, Lithuania, 2022.


Award of Excellence at the Dr. Mostafa Sadek Global Art Award No.2, Egypt, 2022.

Jury at the Happy School 25th Anniversary, 25th Mosaic Padam Chand Memorial Global Online Painting Competition, India, 2021.

Winner 3rd Place at the International Art Exhibition, “Leaving Memories”, organized by the IAVPOA, Lithuania, 2021.

Jury member at the International Art Exhibition dedicated to June 1 -Children’s Day, Organized by Art accent, Azerbaijan, 2021.

Winner at the Centro de Artes Villa Panamericana Galeria Mariano Rodriguez, Gallery Award, For Inquisitive Rooster in the IER Virtual Hall in Commemoration to the Birthday of Plastic Artist Mariano Rodriguez in his 109 Anniversary given on the 24th of August 2021 Roberto Dias Chacon Director of the Gallery Mariano Rodriguez Gallery, Cuba, 2021.

Judge of the month for International Award Art Group, Sydney, Australia, 2021.

Winner 2nd Place at the International Art Exhibition, "International Biennale of Installation and Sculpture "Multiplicity & Repetition", organized by IAVPOA, Lithuania, 2021.

Ambassador of USA of 2021 EL BICENTENARIO DE AMÉRICA International Art Exhibition.

Coordinator of USA of ART NOSTRUM SAX 2021 International Art Fair, Spain.

Representative of the Nada Foundation for Fine Arts around the World, Nada Fine Arts & Shahd Global Art Gallery, 2021.

Guest of Honor for the Moonlight Gallery plastic Arts and the Other Face Association, Nada Foundation for Fine Arts, 2021.

Global Art convener for the International Art Exhibitions on World Peace, World Heritage Day, and Portreto, India 2021.

Guest of Honor for the USART on July 20, Cypress Peace Movement, Turkey, 2021.

Co-Organizer for the 1st North American Festival of Arts & 2021 UGSIFF “Save the Planet”, online Public Welfare Art Exhibition, China 2021.

Mysterious Undersea by Dr. Mahima Gupta 

By art critic James O’Connon
Anthropomorphic beings exist since ancient times. We often believe that they can help us. But do they really can? If you believe it, then, I guess, yes. What if you don’t? This becomes important in a metamodern society when we long for intimacy, closeness, but at the same time, we realize that everything is just irony and destruction. Mahima Gupta believes that there is a bright side of everything and what about you?

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