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Jorge Arturo Guevara Chamorro



Review by art critic James O’Connon

In a contemporary context, women depicted in the “Selfeye Primera Línea” by Jorge Arturo Guevara Chamorro can reflect everything. It is not about the times when they wanted to please or impress others, to have a family, or dedicate themselves to it. The eyes of today’s women can be demanding, lustful, activating. This painting spreads the perception of femininity in postmodern society. A woman is postmatrix. She has many “selves” and they are not hidden but demonstrated. This does not mean that women are not being suppressed by external factors or internal boundaries. Of course, they are, but they are trying to overcome it. Therefore, this painting is relevant to a critical perception of the current world and brings a new dynamic approach to resistance to everyday life.

George CH.Guevara_ Selfeye Primera Línea_150cm x 90cm___ 2021_ Colombia.jpg

“Selfeye Primera Línea”



Country: Colombia

Title: “Selfeye Primera Línea”

Medium: Mixed media 

Size: 150x90 cm,

Year: 2021


nstagram: @georgeguevarach

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